Main Products for Spray Drying

Equipment manufactured by GALAXIE is used to dry solutions, suspensions, emulsions and bleach. Main products that can be dried are the following:

  • SLAUGHTERHOUSES BYPRODUCTS: Blood, plasma, hemoglobin, gelatin and meat extract.
  • EGG: Whole egg, yolk, white.
  • EFFLUENT ELIMINATION: Washing waste water and liquids high in BOD and COD..
  • FLAVORS AND SCENTS: Natural and synthetic.
  • TANNERIES: Vegetable and synthetic tannins, chromic components.
  • YEAST: Leavening, hydrolyzed protein.
  • MARINE: Pulp, water-stick.
  • CATALYSTS AND COLORANTS: Organic and inorganic pigments and aniline.

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