Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

Equipment manufactured by GALAXIE is used to dry solutions, suspensions, emulsions and bleach.
Main products that can be dried are the following:

  • INORGANIC COMPOSITES: Derived from de aluminum, sulfur, arsenic, barium, boron, bromine, carbon, chlorine, chromium, fluorite, hydroxide, iodine, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, nitrogen, oxide, phosphorus, titanium, tungsten, uranium, zirconium.
  • TANNING: Vegetal and synthetic tanning, chromic elements.
  • CATALYST AND COLORANTS: Pigment, aniline, organic and inorganic ones.
  • ORGANIC ACIDS: Amino acids, salicylic, maleic, ascorbic acids.
  • ORGANIC SALTS: Phthalates, stearate, salicylate, benzoate, butyrate, gluconate, lactate, saccharate, sorbate and many others.
  • NITROGENTATED COMPOUNDS: Hydrazine, chloramine, urea, others.
  • PLASTICS: Chloride emulsion , polyvinyl acetate, melamine, polyethylene , urea formaldehyde products and phenol , acrylic nitrite, acrylic resin.
  • FERTILIZERS, HERBICIDES AND INSECTICIDES: Different derivatives from petrochemicals and vegetal extracts.

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